Artie Lange Wants To Get Back On the Air With the Howard Stern Show

artielangeAfter two hours on the air this morning, Howard Stern made a revelation on his show on SiriusXM Satellite radio. Longtime show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate had spoken to Artie Lange over the phone and Artie let him know that he wanted to come into the studio to tell the Stern Show crew, as well as the fans, the full details of his failed suicide attempt from December 2009.

It was no secret that Artie had been battling a heroin addiction and his own personal demons for years, but it all came to a head when he stabbed himself nine times at the end of last year. His mother found him unconscious in his apartment and luckily, he was given the medical attention he needed to recover… at least physically.

Upon reporting this news to his listeners, Stern was unsure if having Artie in the studio was a good idea or not. His immediate concern was that Artie was not mentally healthy enough yet to divulge the full details of his ordeal and the following recovery. Sidekick Robin Quivers reluctantly agreed with Howard, although they both inferred that they would love to see him again.

At least we finally have some new information regarding Artie… he is healthy enough to be able to come into the studio. Previously, the updates we were given on the show were few and far between.

Stay tuned for more details.