If Ashton Kutcher Loses Demi Moore He Is Dumber than We Thought

It seems TMR’s first impression of Ashton Kutcher’s fidelity just might be right. As we reported two weeks ago Ashton was accused of cheating. The opinion of this publication was and still is where there is smoke there is fire. It looks like this fire is starting to smolder. Star magazine has reported that a second Ashton Kutcher mistress has come forward.

The mistress in question is 21 year old Brittney Jones. Jones who is not even close to being as hot as Mrs. Kutcher claims she slept with Kutcher in his house. Britney Jones told Star magazine “He’s a great lover. Very considerate and sweet and it was very special to me.”

So now the mistress parade starts and we are looking for a Jesse James/Tiger Woods body count to start.
One curious aspect of this story is Demi Moore’s resent bikini tweets. Her juvenile actions seem like the actions of a woman desperate to prove she is still hot. Demi is definitely still one of the most beautiful women on the planet so who is she trying to convince us, herself or Ashton. If there was infidelity Demi just might know about it already. Ashton Kutcher isn’t the smartest guy on the planet he may not have covered his tracks well.

Bottom line is we are not convinced Ashton Kutcher’s IQ gets out of the 80’s. If he did cheat on what is one of the hottest women on the planet he is beyond a moron. Jesse James and Tiger Woods also had beautiful women at home, still they don’t come close to Demi. We are talking a woman here that even looks hot bald headed! This gallery is all the proof you need.

We hope Ashton is smart enough to write his name because it is time to start writing checks.