NFL Week 3 “Beat the House” Picks, Predictions and Point Spreads

The entry period for week 3 of our “Beat the House” competition has started and you submit you entries up until 1:00pm EST on Sunday. In week 1 the House was beaten, but rebounded with a push in week 2. Both weeks had unimpressive sets of pics by both the membership collective and the House. You can make your own picks now at our Beat the House entry page.

On that page you will also find the Vegas point spreads, betting lines and over/unders for every single NFL game this weekend as well as whay percentage of people are picking what team, both straight up on this site and against the spread in Vegas via

We’re only two weeks into the 2010 NFL season and there already are some quarterback changes and controversies. Both the Bills and Panthers have benched their projected starters for the season and are going with some new blood. The Philadelphia Eagles are in a similar boat as Andy Reid declared Michael Vick “the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.” What does that mean exactly? Who knows. What we do know is that in a span of three games we went from the Donovan McNabb era to the Kevin Kolb era to the Michael Vick era. Who knows, Kolb may be starting for the Bills or Panthers by week 5.

If you are unfamiliar with our “Beat the House” contest, it’s pretty much your standard football pool. Our in-house expert, Cletus, makes his picks for the week and you agree or disagree with him. If the collective membership “Beats the House” prizes are awarded to our members. Those prizes are DVD prize packs and Nerf Pro Grip footballs.

Part two of the contest is our Jagermeister Player of the Week pool. In that part of the contest, you guess who you think will be the offensive and defensive players of the week as named by the NFL and if you are right, you win a Jagemeister 6-Bottle shot cooler. This is a must-have for your tailgates and parties. Check out the official rules on the entry page for more details.

To submit your entries, simply visit the Beat the House entry page.

Good Luck!