Did Ashton Kutcher Want To Get Caught Cheating By Demi Moore? (Pics)

Sometimes the level of stupidity a person can rise to baffles me. It seems like Ashton Kutcher has lost his fidelity chess match with Star Magazine. Star Magazine declared checkmate this morning when they announced they had text messages set by Ashton Kutcher to his alleged mistress.

Wait…what? Text messages? Did this moron not see what happened to Tiger Woods? By sending text messages I can only assume two things. Either Ashton Kutcher is a bigger idiot than we thought or he wanted to get caught.

Ashton allegedly sent 21 year old Britney Jones phone messages like “what are you wearing now?,” before the pair reportedly hooked up on Ashton and Demi’s sofa.

This would not be the first time someone didn’t have the balls to leave a relationship so they did something to cause it’s end. I wonder if this is the case with Ashton? With all that is hitting the web the past few days it sounds like that sofa and Ashton will both be hitting the curb pretty soon. If Ashton was looking to get out of this relationship it looks like he might be getting his wish. Just when this goes bad for Ashton it seems even more shit is ready to hit the fan.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live Sr. Executive Editor Annabel Vered of Star Magazine said “There were more texts but Ashton made her (Britney Jones) delete them when they had their one night affair because he was very paranoid that he would be caught,” Then Annabel dropped this bomb “There’s more to come… more on Demi and Ashton and the cheating scandal.”

Ashton Kutcher’s first move in this fidelity chess match was a big one. The That 70’s Show star said “I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character. I hope my lawyer agrees.” If Star Magazine has the text messages and it looks like they do. I don’t think your lawyer will agree Ashton. Checkmate, game over – Star Magazine wins.

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