NFL Week 4 “Beat the House” Picks, Predictions and Week 3 Recap

Our Week 4 NFL picks and predictions have been posted and are available for your viewing, agreeing and disagreeing pleasure. It appears that there are many more “safe” picks this week from our NFL guru, Cletus, after the 6-10 clunker he posted once again in week 3. There were some crazy upsets in last week’s roster of games, but picking the Bucs and Lions to beat their heavily-favored opponents did not help.

Since the House picks are up, you can visit our Week 4 Beat the House page to review, then agree or disagree with Cletus’ picks in your attempt to win DVDs, Nerf Footballs or even a Jagermeister Cooler. You can get to the page by clicking the link in this paragraph or the graphic of the bikini babes holding the Lombardi Trophy to your right.

The bye weeks start in week 4, so you can only earn a maximum of 12 wins this week and each following week over the next two months. The Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all on vacation this week… although the ‘Boys and Vikings we on vacation during weeks 1 and 2 as well.

Also being added to the prize pot in week 4, and courtesy of our great friends at AXE air, the next time the House is beaten, the member who wins the DVD prize pack will also win a set of the brand new line of AXE experiential shampoo products as described below:

AXE Downpour Refreshing Mint Shampoo with peppermint leaf extract refreshes guys so they feel clean, cool and ready for anything; AXE Heat Igniting Citrus 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner with warming spices and citrus fires guys up for a night out; AXE Zen Soothing Tea Tree Shampoo with real tea tree extract leaves guys calm and centered so they can keep their heads in the game.

For more information on these great new products and to locate them in stores near you, starting this week, visit AXE Hair is also sponsoring our “Guess the Thanksgiving Game Score” contest where the grand prize is an NFL football autographed by Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions. When you are finished entering Beat the House, then enter your daily prediction for the Lions-Pats Turkey Day score.

As for last week’s edition of Beat the House, the results are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 3: 6-10 8-8 8-8
2010 Overall: 22-26 28-20 27.5-20.5

It looks like the Madden 11 Sim is leading the race by a mere half game, but it is still leading. After 3 weeks, the House is posting an abomination of a record standing 4 games under the .500 mark. There are already a few head coaches on the hot seat this early in the season, and our “House” may be as well.

Since the House was beaten, it is time to award some prizes. It was a very difficult week to pick and getting 13 games correct was quite the feat. That makes TMR member HammerHead our week 3 winner of the DVD prize pack AND the Nerf football. Congrats!

For the full Beat the House Leaderboard, click here. There is still one more part of our contest to be decided and that is the Jagermeister Players of the Week. Those players will be named by the NFL tomorrow, so we’ll send out another update as to who those players are and if anyone has won.

You can vote on the week 4 picks and predictions right now if you haven’t already. Check out the Beat the House entry page for the change in week or to review last week’s picks.

Thanks for playing!