Howard Stern: Eric the Midget’s Head-Exploding Appearance on “Fringe” (Clips & Images)

Last night, the moment all Stern fans had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was Eric the Midget’s guest appearance on the show Fringe, on FOX. It was revealed through the week that in this episode Eric’s head explodes. No other details were revealed, but that bit of information was good enough for me to watch the entire episode.

The show did a great job of burying Eric’s scenes towards the end of the show, keeping millions of new viewers, delivered by design by the Howard Stern Show, on the edge of heir seats. When the story progressed into the subway, the reported place of Eric’s demise, I watched the TV screen more intently than I ever had before. There he was!


I expected a “mailed-in” performance from Eric, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. That angry little guy was pretty damn good! He only had a few lines, but watching his head explode ranks up there with some of my top TV viewing experiences. You can judge for yourself in the clip below.

I doubt this will stay up long, but I’ll try to keep this clip fresh with the most updated version. Let us know if YouTube has removed it via the comments below or the “Contact Us” form above:

The video has been removed from YouTube due to copyright issues.

That’ll do, Eric, that’ll do!

In case the copyright monsters keep removing the clip, here are some stills of Eric in character… and sans head:

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Bye for now.