Week 4 NFL Recap and “Beat the House” Results

Welcome to the Week 4 edition of our NFL “Beat the House” contest. After this week’s set of games, we have a very happy redneck in the office. On Sunday Cletus “The House” Stillwater only missed on two of his picks, and one of the was the huge upset of the Colts by the Jaguars… a pick everyone missed. Since The House finally did its job this season, no prize pack will be awarded. Don’t worry, you can enter your Week 5 NFL picks and predictions in just a few short hours.

Due to a snafu in posting the picks, two of the games were dropped from our voting roster. That resulted in all members receiving two automatic wins since we caught the mistake after many of you had already submitted your picks. As I mentioned, it wouldn’t matter anyway as Cletus was in the zone this week.

There were four games that the membership did not agree with in week 4, three of them on Sunday and then the Monday night contest between the Dolphins and Patriots. The House picks of the Rams over the Seahawks, Browns over the Bengals and Redskins over the Eagles all resulted the exact way they were predicted.

That brings the score to a even 2-2 in our House vs. Members contest with the details being:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 4: 11-3 9-5 9-5
2010 Overall: 33-29 37-25 36.5-25.5

The House pick of the Ravens over the Steelers was almost in the disagree range, but some final votes pulled it to the opposite side. It could have been one more win for Cletus, but the final tally was 52/48 in favor of the Ravens.

For the full Beat the House Leaderboard, click here. There is still one more part of our contest to be decided and that is the Jagermeister Players of the Week. Those players will be named by the NFL on Wednesday, so we’ll send out another update as to who those players are and if anyone has won.

You can vote on the week 5 picks and predictions first thing Wednesday morning. Check out the Beat the House entry page for the change in week or to review last week’s picks.