Free NFL Football Week 5 Picks, Predictions and Analysis

Have you checked out or week 5 free NFL picks and predictions yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Last week our guru only missed three picks, one of which was the huge upset of the Indianapolis Colts falling to the Jacksonville Jaguars that nobody predicted correctly. He also nailed the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams wins which won many a pool for many people. Check out Cletus’ week 5 picks and predictions and cast your own votes against his for a chance to win some great prizes.

There does not appear to be any “sexy” picks this week. In fact, most of them are pretty straightforward. There are only two games that a majority of voters don’t agree with, the Carolina win over the Bears and the Buffalo Bills beating the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s certainly understandable why those picks are being disliked… both teams Cletus has picked to win, haven’t done so yet in the 2010 season.


Fortunately, with one recent exception, teams don’t lose them all so winless teams have to sneak in some wins somewhere. This week is the perfect occasion for the Panthers and Bills to do so. For the Bills, they are facing a pretty bad team who came off a huge, thrilling victory the week before. The Jaguars’ confidence is at a season high, and for a team that is really that bad, it becomes overconfidence. The Jags will mail in a performance and Buffalo will promptly return it to sender.

As for the Carolina Panthers, they face a Bear team coming off of their first loss and missing their starting quarterback. It hasn’t been the offense winning games for the Bears, but we saw last week what happens when you take Jay Cutler out of the lineup… the ball moves nowhere. I think Carolina tightens the belt on defense and wins a low-scoring game at home. This is also Julius Peppers’ return to Carolina after wanting out.

The game I thought would be closer in voting is the House pick of the winless 49ers beating the Philadelphia Eagles. At the time this article was written, 65% of readers agreed with a San Fran win. I suppose it isn’t that shocking when the Eagles are starting a quarterback that was dubbed “Captain Checkdown” on a national broadcast and even even-tempered Troy Aikman seemed aggravated with his (Kevin Kolb) cowardice in going downfield in last week’s game. A year ago, who would have thought Eagles fans would be praying for Michael Vick to get healthy so he can start?

If you don’t agree with any of the picks above, the solution is easy… visit the Beat the House contest page and vote against them. If you are right, you could win a DVD or Blu-ray prize pack, a Nerf Pro Grip Football and some free products from AXE Hair. There is also a Jagermeister cooler up for grabs. You can’t win if you can’t play.