Did Brett Farve Send Playboy Model Jenn Sterger Pics Of His Crocs? (Pics + Gallery)

You know here at TMR we go by the where there is smoke there is fire theory. If recent allegations are true about Brett Farve it will turn the NFL on it’s head.


It seems Brett would have been better off looking at Jenn Sterger’s nude playboy pics than trying to get a shot at the real deal.

Bikini model and ex Jets girl Jenn Sterger claims while she was an employee of the Jets organization Brett Farve sent her explicit text messages with nude pics. Dead Spin released the pics yesterday along with voicemails that seem to have Brett’s southern drawl. The pics also show a man playing with his penis wearing a pair of crocs.

As this story unveils there is more evidence point to the Superbowl winning, camp skipping INT machine. In one of the picture where a man is seen from the chest down playing with his wiener he is wearing the same watch as Brett Farve.

Now two more women that were also employed by the Jets have also come forward with their own allegations. It seems Brett also sent the two massage therapists text messages inviting them to his hotel room. The messages were nothing short of filthy. It looks like game over for Brett.

We all know Roger Goodell and the NFL have to throw the hammer down on Brett Favre if the allegations are true. My guess is seeing Brett is the golden boy of the NFL and plays by a separate set of rules he will be retired before the league can or will do anything.

A sex scandal of this magnitude is going to destroy Brett’s legacy. It could destroy his marriage to Deanna Favre. Would this also be enough to also keep Brett out of the Hall of Fame? We can expect yet another tearful Brett Farve press conference in 3…2..1..until then stay classy New York.

These stories are becoming common news as the internet evolves. The only thing that shocked me when this story broke is Bret Farve wears crocs.