Free 10.10.10 Week 5 NFL Football Expert Picks and Predictions

With the date 10-10-10 only happening once every 1000 years, I have a feeling we’re going to be treated to some interesting football today… even though our in-house expert has made some pretty conservative week 5 NFL football picks and predictions. Most interesting to watch is going to be how Brett “I can’t keep my shorts on” Favre plays with newly-acquired Randy Moss.

Fan voting for the week has one pretty much as expected as well with one game being disagreed with and only two others hovering around the 50/50 mark. If you haven’t entered your picks, you only have a few hours to do so in an attempt to win some great weekly prizes. All you have to do is make your selections at our BEAT THE HOUSE ENTRY PAGE.

The pick of Buffalo over the Jaguars is still not favored by readers, with 64% clicking disagree. The other two marginal games were the House picks of Carolina and Detroit beating the Bears and Rams, respectively. We have already explained Cletus’ rationale in picking those games.

In case you haven’t seen yet, you can win anything from a DVD/Blu-ray prize pack, Nerf Football, AXE Hair products to a Jagermeister cooler. Enter yor picks now before the voting ends at kickoff (1:00pm EST) of the first game. Good Luck!