David Arquette Calls in To Clear the Air About Separation From Courtney Cox on the Howard Stern Show

The heartbroken David Arquette, now going through a very public separation with wife Courteney Cox, only wanted to talk to Howard Stern, exclusively, to tell his side of the story. He called into the Howard Stern Show this morning, (at 4:15AM Pacific Time) to clear the air about rumors of affairs on both sides and all the emotional turmoil he is going through. The very personal and honest conversation, which went on for about an hour, can be seen in its entirety only on Howard TV On Demand starting tomorrow night.

Howard drew out the details from a very emotional Arquette, who still seems very much in love with his wife. Being the sensitive guy that he is, Howard started recommending some Hollywood “pieces of ass” for David the “bang” such as Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Anniston, and even his sidekick Robin Quivers.

Howard TV has made the following clip of the interview available:

The entire interview can be seen starting October 13 on Howard TV On Demand and will be available for about three weeks. For details and more information, visit www.howard.tv.

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