Free NFL Football Week 6 “Beat the House” Expert Picks and Predictions

The NFL Football Week 6 Picks and Predictions have been posted by our expert and available for you to review, agree and disagree with. Week 5 proved to be another bad week of picks for everyone, which wasn’t a surprise due to the many upsets we witnessed throughout the weekend. After an excellent week 4, our NFL guru Cletus followed it up by getting less than half of that win total in week 5. Check out his Beat the House picks and predictions contest entry page and agree or disagree with his week 6 picks in an attempt to “Beat the House”… and win yourself some prizes in the process.

Unlike week 5, where there was only a single game that was disagreed with by the general membership, week 6 should see a few more. I know the House pick of the Dolphins beating the Packers will not be looked upon favorably by the masses, especially after Green Bay lost in overtime to the inferior Redskins in their previous contest. Cletus seems to be putting heavy stock in the fact that Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion late in Sunday’s loss and due to the new league restrictions regarding concussions, might be scratch from this upcoming game. It certainly would be a difference maker.

The other game that might see some controversy in the voting is the pick of the Kansas City Chiefs over the Houston Texans. The Texans started becoming a sexy pick early on in the 2010 season as they started off 3-1. However the Chiefs won their first three games and suffered their first loss to the Colts this past weekend. The Colts did not have an easy time beating the Chiefs either, that Kansas City defense may be for real and should be watched. I am leaning towards Cletus’ pick of the Chiefs in this game, even though it is being played in Houston.

To review the rest of the House picks, simply visit our Beat the House entry page and submit your week 6 selections. The same prizes are up for grabs as in week 5… the DVD/Blu-ray prize pack, the Nerf Pro Grip football and a trio of AXE Hair shampoo products.