The NFL Seems To Be Distancing Itself From Brett Favre On The Jen Sterger Sexting Scandal? (Pics + Gallery)

Reports are popping up all around the web That Jenn Stenger is looking to cash out on the alleged Brett Favre penis pictures rather than rat out. It seems the brunette Playboy model has been dragging her feet all the way to the NFL head offices. If Jenn Sterger is as incensed as she is making out to be why hasn’t she moved forward with her claims?

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, declined comment earlier in the month when asked if she has retained counsel.”We’re looking at all our options right now and our only concern is what’s in Jenn’s best interest,” Reese said in an email to the New York Daily News. We know now Jen Sterger has a layer and he is talking to the NFL.

I can only speculate how this can not only go bad for Brett Favre but also Roger Goodell and party. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded during a live chat with fans Thursday to a question about the investigation. Roger Goodell made it clear during a live chat on that “workplace conduct” is the main focus in the investigation.

So I am guessing here that if the sexual harassment happened outside the scope of the Meadowlands or any other NFL facility The NFL will not take action. Reason being The NFL may be part of the suit for creating a hostile workplace. If The NFL punishes Brett Favre they are admitting guilt and opening the door for a landslide of lawsuits.

If the NFL doesn’t pursue Brett Favre the NFL Personal Conduct Policy goes out the window. That is if Brett Favre was employed by the NFL at the time of the incident. Right now I think all of the legal juggling will be about timeline. Were the pictures sent during one of Brett Favre’s retirement hiatus? If so Roger Goodell can step away from this mess.

No matter what happens here Brett Farvre’s legacy is tarnished in a big way. Take a look at these Jenn Sterger photos from Playboy and Maxim and you tell me if she was worth the trouble. If a picture is worth a thousand words. A sext from Brett Favre must be worth a few million dollars.