Erin Andrews Nude Peephole Pictures Are Back On The Web (pics + gallery)

As if the sports world doesn’t have enough high tech scandals the Erin Andrews’ pictures are back on the web. What make these pics different than other celebrity shots to hit the web is they were taken without Erin Andrews’ permission. Seeing the shots were part of a criminal act we cannot show them to you.

What Erin Andrews and her lawyer need to understand is adding anything to the web is like pouring ink in water. There is no way to remove the pics successfully from the web.

It seems another men’s web outlet had the pictures posted earlier in the week but has now taken them down due a cease and desist letter from Andrews’ lawyer. So while we cannot show you the pictures. We can definitely direct you to them. It is as simple as talking a look here.

Though we cant show the peephole shots on our site. We can give you this great gallery of Erin Andrews shots. If you are looking for the actual video of the peephole shots a trip to your favorite torrent site should do the job.

It is our thinking that the cat is out of the bag. We have seen Erin Andrews naked so why doesn’t she just go the Jenn Sterger route and give us some nice playboy or Maxim shot to drool over. Not that these sweater shots are not drool worthy.