Left Handed Gibson Guitars for Southpaws

Left handed Gibson Guitars are available at a great new internet shopping site dedicated to Left handed Gibson. This is good news for the southpaw who wants a great selection to choose from without having to sift through hundreds of products only o find a select few that meets his needs.

Only a small percentage of people are left-handed, so it would make sense for internet stores to cater mostly to right-handed people. Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co, Ltd. was incorporated in 1902 and is responsible for many innovations in banjo, guitar and mandolin design.

During the 1950s, Gibson came out with the “Les Paul” which was available in several models including the Custom, the Standard, the Special and the Junior. In addition to the Les Paul, Gibson is well known for their electric guitars in solidbody models like the SG, the Flying V, the Explorer and the Firebird. Today, Gibson owns many other instrument manufacturers including Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias and Valley Arts Guitar.

Gibson is a favorite brand among musicians across the US. Gibson has spent millions of dollars in research and development pursuing improvements in the state of the instrument including the digital guitar, a self-tuning guitar and the very special left handed Gibson.

Gibson’s acoustic guitars are widely celebrated around the world and used by many professional musicians. There are many internet shopping sites where people can find a wide variety of Gibson Guitars. Now there is a new site dedicated to the left-handed artist who is looking for the perfect left handed Gibson to rock his world. Shop now