NFL Week 8 Recap: Donovan McNabb Benched, Randy Moss Cut, Brett Favre Scandal Continues

It was a pretty eventful week 8 of the 2010 NFL season. We saw big things happen to big names in the league such as Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss and Brett Favre… whose scandal continues for yet another week. Most important of all, in an event that hasn’t happened very much this season, the TMR collective membership could NOT “Beat the House”.

There were two games up for grabs in our “Beat the House” contest, the San Francisco 49ers “hosting”, and beating, the Denver Broncos in London, and the Detroit Lions stealing a win against the Washington Redskins. As we have all seen by now, both games finished in the exact way the House predicted, so we have no winner this week.

After week 8, the overall stats look like the following:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 8: 8-5 9-4 6-7
2010 Overall: 64-53 69-48 69-48

The word of the day is “era”.


In the Redskins/Lions game, we saw a little bit of drama brewing as late in the 4th quarter, coach Shanahan pulled McNabb in lieu of Rex Grossman who he claimed could run the 2-minute drill better. Really? Rex “I shouldn’t be in the NFL” Grossman? Today during his press conference, Shanahan backtracked a little and said that McNabb did not have the “cardiovascular endurance” to run the drill at that particular point in time. Good luck with that Mike. The McNabb era started it’s end in Philly when Donovan was benched in 2008 and did not take too kindly to it. The McNabb-Redskin era is most likely over before it started.

The big news of the day was that Randy Moss was placed on waivers by the Minnesota Vikings… but as the day went on, his name never did show up on the waiver wire. Later in the afternoon head coach Brad Childress announced that Moss was no longer with the team, even though no official move was made yet. The second Randy Moss era in Minnesota was even shorter than McNabb’s in Washington. We’ll see how this story progresses. There has been much debate over what move the Vikings can make and whether or no a vested vet can even be placed on waivers or has to be outright released. Stay tuned. I’m sure there are at least one or two more Moss dramas that will ensure before the season ends.

And finally, the man who always loves to be in the news, whether it be his penis or his play on the field: Brett Favre. We may finally be seeing the end of the Brett Favre era… anywhere. Favre, already hobbled by some damage to his ankle, had his clocked cleaned in Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots. He had to be carted off the field and there hasn’t been too many reports since on his conditions. How do you perform a concussion test on someone who already appears to have a permanent concussion? I have a feeling if Favre misses a game and that streak is finally broken, he’s going to hang it up, at least for this season.

And then, after the departure of both Moss and Favre within the same week, we may see the end of the Brad Childress era, whose decisions lately have been shaky at best.

If you are a drama whore, like Brett, you probably enjoyed week 8 immensely. I just want to see good football, so it appears that guys like me are f*cked for the foreseeable future since the league is anything but good this year.

Be on the lookout for the week 9 picks and predictions first thing Wednesday morning.