Week 8 NFL Players of the Week Include Calvin Johnson and Dwight Freeney

The NFL has named it’s AFC and NFC offensive and defensive players of the week for week 8 of the 2010 football season. Calvin Johnson, wide receiver of the Detroit Lions and Aqib Talib, cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have earned the NFC honors. In the AFC, it was Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback David Garrard and Indianapolis Colts’ defensive endDwight Freeney. A few weeks ago David Garrard was almost run out of the league, but similar to many other teams and players this year, playing the former Super Bowl hopeful Dallas Cowboys brought out the best of him to the tune of 4 touchdowns and a completion percentage over 80.

The name of this game to correctly pick a matching pair of NFL Players of the Week. Unfortunately, based on their previous play this season, nobody picked Johnson or Garrard as an offensive standout. I’m sure not too many people even know there is a guy names Aqib Talib in the NFL, however cool his name is. And even though he is a perennial stud, nobody guessed Dwight Freeney due to his injury history.

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