Times Square XBOX 360 Kinect Launch: Major Madhouse


Having just returned from the Times Square launch of Kinect, I can only say that the experience is a complete and utter MADHOUSE. There was a superlong line of screaming fans, as Kinectimal plush animals were handed out., while Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, was there to greet the masses.

A few days ago, Microsoft upped their estimates of 2-4 million lifetime sales of the Kinect to 5 million, and you can see why – there is tremendous demand for the controller-free motion control device, and Microsoft did its job marketing the darn thing.

The only barrier now is the software itself. Kinect has the buzz right now, and people have to be hooked along further. Games like Dance Central and Kinectimals will keep people sated for just so long. Kinect will need to give its users meatier content. Games like Yoostar 2 will attract the casual, while Ubisoft’s Fighters Uncaged could grab the more serious gamer, as well as such intriguing games as Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and Project Draco.

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