Week 10 NFL Picks and Predictions: Jason Garrett Starts His Era Off With a Big Loss

The TMR Zoo Week 10 NFL picks and predictions have been posted and are waiting for you input. Cletus has had two decent weeks in a row now when it comes to “pickin'”, as he calls it, and there is a new found confidence in that little redneck bastard. You can knock him off his horse by “Beating the House” and besting his pick set as a collective readership. You can also win some prizes in the process. Check out our picks page and enter your for week 10.

There doesn’t appear to be too many controversial picks this week. Cletus may just be playing it safe to keep his streak alive. However, the most shocking this we saw while reviewing the picks was the point spread on the game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. It was no surprise that the Giants are favored to win, but the line OPENED at Giants -14. Yes, the game is in New York, yes, the Cowboys are in shambles, but a two touchdown spread for a division game?

The game marks the first of the Jason Garrett era. How long that era will be depends on what he can get from the team I suppose. I’m sure Jerry Jones has been talking to the “big name” coaches that are currently not under contract such as the Cowhers, Grudens and Dungys of the football analyst world. Still, when he was hired, the head coaching job was Garrett’s to lose. And with the performance the entire coaching staff has been getting from the Cowboys, losing the job is a pretty good possibility.

We’ll see how everything pans out down in in Big D. Going from a Super Bowl-caliber team to Super Bowl spectators in half a season is quite a drop though… one in which no coach on that staff should be employed come seasons end.

Anyway, you can disagree with that pick and all the others Cletus has made at our “Beat the House” page. You can win some cool prizes if you beat Cletus’ pick set for the weekend.

Stay tuned later for the results of our Jagermeister “Player of the Week” contest, which you can also enter for week 10 at the Beat the House page.

The Jason Garrett Landry photo above was grabbed from SilverAndBlue.com. Great work, guys!