Week 9 NFL Players of the Week Include Michael Vick and Clay Matthews

The NFL has named it’s AFC and NFC offensive and defensive players of the week for week 9 of the 2010 football season. Michael Vick, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles and Clay Matthews, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers have earned the NFC honors. In the AFC, it was Cleveland Browns’ running back Peyton Hillis and Baltimore Ravens’ defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. This should have been an easy week to match up two players correctly in our Jagermeister Players of the Week contest.

In fact, someone did pick an offensive player and a defensive player correctly… that would be me. Since I run this site, I don’t qualify for the damned prize, so I’ll settle for bragging rights. The correct match was Mike Vick and Clay Matthews. I banked on Cletus’ correct prediction of Vick lighting up the Colts.

Quite a few entrants have latched on to the Vick phenomenon. 10% of entrants picked Vick, second only to Peyton Manning’s 18%. No one picked either Peyton Hillis or Haloti Ngata, but we saw quite a few entries for Clay Matthews. In fact, it was the same amount as Vick. Unfortunately nobody matched the two together. I did see Matthews matched up with the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Desean Jackson, so I see many of you are learning.

Voting is already open for week 10 so you can enter this week’s “Beat the House” and Jagermeister Player of the Week contests RIGHT NOW. For those of you unfamiliar with our contest, it is twofold. First, you agree or disagree with our “House” picks for week 10. Then you enter your guesses for two players who you think will be named by the NFL as players of the week. The two contests are entered at the same time, but run independently, so you can win one or both in any given week. Click the link above to enter and get the official rules and details. You can win a DVD prize pack and/or a Jagermeister 6-bottle shot cooler.