The Women of Entourage on Spike TV

You have to start somewhere to get to the top – and no one knows this fact of life better than the characters in Entourage. We’re not talking about Vince, E, Turtle, Ari and Drama this time though – we’re talking about the dozens – and dozens – of women who have played the love interests (or one night flings) for the boys over the course of seven seasons…. And let’s not forget Gary Busey too.

Check out their side of the story in this new Spike TV promo for Entourage featuring Jesse Jane, Rosa Acosta & more. Don’t forget to tune in every Friday at 11PM/10C:

On Friday November 19th, Entourage re-launches on Spike with every episode from the beginning. To help promote the series, Spike made a video celebrating the best thing about the Entourage. No, not the friendships or Ari’s rants, although they are classic, but it’s the WOMEN of Entourage that make the show a favorite of guys everywhere.