Windows 7 Phones Selling Out As XBOX 360 Users Go Moblie

Not to be overshadowed by its cousin Kinect, the Windows 7 Phone was released this past Monday, and reports are that it, too, has been selling out. The Windows 7 Phone’s competition is more fierce and daunting, however, as it is directly competing with the iPhone, BlackBerry mobile, and Android.

The features that Windows 7 Phone boasts are directly aimed at Xbox 360 owners, offering Live support and games, as well as Zune support.

The new devices have been selling well, with reports that handsets such as the Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC Mozart, being offered on the Orange network, have already sold out. Demand has been so high that even some Microsoft employees in the UK have yet to receive their handsets, even though Steve Ballmer promised that all the company’s full-time employees would receive their very own Windows Phone 7 handset. According to the Wall Street Journal, Dell is following the same course as Microsoft, and switching their employees from BlackBerrys to WP7.

The most important feature, however, is the titular Windows 7 OS.

According to Matthes Derdack, CEO of Derdack, a software company specializing in mobile messaging and texting, that Windows 7 makes the most sense for businesspersons, with such software as Office Hub,which gives access to SharePoint sites and Office documents remotely.

“The basic concept behind Windows Phone 7 promises something new. Instead of having apps for users to access specific services such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, e-mail and SMS, Windows Phone 7 aggregates all activities, feeds and news. This means you can view all available information about a particular contact, task or area of interest in one place, making the phone person- or social-centric, not app-centric. Microsoft itself uses the claim ‘no more in and out of apps’, and if well executed it will be a powerful and intriguing concept. More importantly, the new operating system is clearly differentiating itself from the iPhone and other players with the app concept.”

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