United Brands’ Statement on Legislative Action Concerning Caffeinated Flavored Malt Beverages

United Brands Company, Inc., maker of Joose flavored malt beverage and beer products, is engaging with alcohol regulatory bodies and legislators on the state and national level to dispel rumors and provide clarity around the responsible marketing practices of the Company.

“United Brands has a proven track record of selling quality products in a responsible manner, and we are not aware of a single incident of injury or harm associated with our products,” said Michael Michail, CEO and President of United Brands, “Responsible manufacturers like ourselves should not be unjustly penalized for the actions of irresponsible companies with products in this category. We are encouraging regulators to directly address those causing the problems, and to refrain from overbroad, unfair, and precipitous action.”

Michail points out that Joose is neither an energy drink nor an alcohol energy drink; it is a caffeinated flavored malt beverage and does not contain the caffeine levels or supplements found in energy beverages. The product contains between 6-12% alcohol, and 180 ppm of caffeine – less than the 200 ppm regulated by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), and less caffeine per ounce than carbonated colas. United Brands adheres to a strict Responsible Drinking Policy and creates products for the enjoyment of responsible 21+ adults. United Brands does not engage in national or local advertising or marketing to underage drinkers, and does not engage in the unlawful practice of giving away free product.

United Brands has worked closely with the FDA to provide clear and factual information on Joose products, and reached out to state level beer and alcohol regulators to clarify inaccuracies about Joose products. The company is confident that when regulators learn and consider factual information, Joose will continue to be available to consumers.

“As a purveyor of products designed for responsible adult enjoyment, the health and well-being of our consumers and the American public are of the utmost importance to us,” said Michail. “We will continue to work with regulators to ensure that factual information is available to consumers and regulators everywhere.”

About United Brands

Headquartered in San Diego, California, United Brands Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of flavored malt beverage and beer products under the Joose brand. United Brands has been providing quality beverages to adult consumers since 2004. The company’s experienced management team is led by Founder and CEO Michael Michail, a 22-year industry veteran. United Brands promotes responsible consumption of alcohol by adults 21 years of age and over.