More Americans Will Grill or Smoke Their Thanksgiving Turkeys This Year

Among all American households preparing a Thanksgiving turkey this year, seven percent are planning to grill their turkey outdoors this month compared to four percent in 2008, according to the latest Weber GrillWatch Pulse™—an up-to-the-minute online survey conducted by a third party research firm to ensure accuracy and factual integrity.

Younger Americans, age 25 to 34, are more likely than older Americans to explore alternative cooking methods—with 19 percent saying that they’re planning to use a method other than oven roasting to cook their Thanksgiving turkey, compared to 10 percent of respondents age 35 and up.

Among Americans who aren’t using an outdoor grill or smoker this year to prepare their Thanksgiving turkey, almost one-third (32 percent) say they would be interested in using one of these methods in the future. Respondents under the age of 45 are more likely than those age 55 and up to be interested in trying an outdoor grill or smoker to prepare their Thanksgiving turkey in the future (38 percent vs. 25 percent).

Nearly a quarter of Americans overall (24 percent) say they’ve grilled or smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving. Also, of the households who say they’re not grilling or smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, 41 percent say they would be interested in using an outdoor grill or smoker in the future.


From the Weber Newsroom™, the Weber GrillWatch Pulse is an up-to-the-minute survey commissioned by Weber-Stephen Products Co. and conducted by third-party online research firm Toluna to ensure accuracy. A sample of 1,067 Americans 18 years and older were surveyed November 4 and 5. The sample is balanced demographically to represent all households across the US.

KeyStat Marketing, Inc. was responsible for questionnaire design, project management, data analysis and reporting for the Weber GrillWatch Pulse study.