Just Chill: The Anti Four Loko Makes National Debut

“Just Chill, an all natural stress relief beverage produced by The Chill Group, Inc., debuted nationally in September at InterBev 2010, America’s premier beverage trade show and convention.” Just Chill is a lightly carbonated beverage that relieves thirsty consumers in a harmonious combination of taste and function. This first-of-kind beverage increases focus and reduces stress using 100 percent natural ingredients including ginseng, ginko biloba and other essential vitamins.

Just Chill was developed in Southern California after The Chill Group’s founders organized themselves in an effort to provide consumers with an alternative to “energy” drinks that often make clear thinking difficult and that can end in a debilitating crash. The Chill Group researched the possibility of creating a beverage that would make people feel calm and focused – one that would fight stress instead of adding to it. From this vision Just Chill was created and initially introduced to the market in Southern California.

Just Chill has enjoyed great success in California Whole Foods Markets and similar grocery stores, consistently selling out its shelf space and garnering broad appeal, not just with the health conscious, but also with children. The brand has seen unexpected sales and interest with schools. Just Chill has also enjoyed success in hotel and resort chains, like the Four Seasons.

“Early success in the California market makes us confident that national distribution for Just Chill will occur at a better-than-average pace,” said Max Baumann CEO & Founder of The Chill Group, Inc. “Making our national debut at InterBev further assures us that Just Chill will receive industry exposure for it’s quality, function, and niche it fills for consumers demands.”

The most active ingredient in Just Chill is L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid, which was first extracted by the Japanese over 50 years ago, and that has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress, as well as improve cognition and mood. Although other manufacturers have introduced drinks containing L-Theanine, Just Chill is the only beverage in its category containing 100mgs of L-Theanine per can (the most in a single beverage), and does so in only 50 calories and with just 12 grams of sugar. Just Chill is also unique in that it relaxes without sedation, while other beverages in its category may leave consumers feeling drowsy. See below for the full list of active ingredients in Just Chill:

• L-Theanine – The natural amino acid proven to reduce stress & increase alertness 30-40 minutes after consumption by increasing alpha brain waves.
• Ginseng – Increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress and balance mood swings.
• Ginko Biloba – Promotes circulation and mental function.
• Lemongrass – Calms the body, relieving stress and insomnia.
• B-Vitamins – Regulates the central nervous system. One of the vitamin groups depleted by stress.
• Vitamin C – Boots immune system, repairs cells. Another vitamin depleted by stress.
• Magnesium – Eases muscle tension and helps reduce the impact of stress.
• Zinc – An element that regulates the central nervous system and boosts the immune system.