Dale’s Pale Ale Wins Gold at The 2010 European Beer Star Competition

In 2002 Oskar Blues Brewery from Lyons, Colo. launched the Canned Beer Apocalypse with Dale’s Pale Ale by becoming the first US craft brewery to package great craft beer in a can. Eight years later Dale’s Pale Ale continues to gain international accolades by earning a gold medal at the 2010 European Beer Star Competition. The international recognition adds to the fast-growing popularity of canned craft beer. The can has come into its own in recent years as beer drinkers realize that cans offer superior protection from sunlight and oxygen infiltration, and the containers are much more portable and environmentally friendly than their glass counterpart.

The 7th Annual European Beer Star Awards attracted a record 955 international entries from countries all over the world. Beers are judged on uniqueness and authenticity by international independent experts using the Olympic benchmark awarding beers in their respective categories with gold, silver and bronze.

The European Gold medal follows Dale’s Pale Ale being named to Advertising Age Magazine’s “2010 America’s Hottest Brands” list (http://adage.com/americashottestbrands2010/). Oskar Blues’ hands-on marketing approach & Dale’s Pale Ale, the flagship of craft beer in a can, made the ranks along with large consumer brands like DROID, iPad, McDonald’s, Gillette, Ford, Miami Heat, Reebok, M&M’s & Old Spice among others.

Oskar Blues is known for turning craft brewing on its ear by stuffing complex, three & four-dimensional beers into 12 oz. cans. As cans become a fashionable package Oskar Blues continues to walk-the-walk by brewing beer that continues to push the boundaries of what to expect from a canned beer. “It was far-fetched for anyone to really believe, even in our industry, that someone would put a full-flavored, hoppy beer in a can,” said Dale Katechis, recalling the 2002 launch of Dale’s Pale Ale. “Some people laughed it off.”


Three-dimensional brewing since 1999, Oskar Blues began the “Canned Beer Apocalypse” in 2002 when Dale’s Pale Ale became America’s 1st CANNED craft beer with a hand-canning line in the 60-year-old barn next door to their funky little brew-pub. Today, it’s expanded into a full throttle canning operation that continues to push the limits of what to expect out of canned beer.