NFL Week 11 Recap: Brad Childress is Fired in Latest Brett Favre Scandal

It was a very eventful uneventful week 11 of the 2010 NFL season. There were no incredible upsets this week, but the biggest events were the dramas unfolding during and immediately following the weekend’s games. The top storyline has been the dismissal of Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. The move marked a rare mid-season firing of a head coach, but the second so far this season, which has barely passed it’s midpoint.

A common opinion is that the wrong man was run out of town. Brett Favre has been wreaking havoc in Minnesota since just before camp broke, when he finally rejoined the team. The move may still come, if the drama queen doesn’t remove himself first… which is a very god possibility since the Vikings season is in the shitter and the old man has nothing to play for. We’ll see ow the latest Brett Favre saga plays out, and what team suffers it’s consequences in the future.

In other news, Vince Young lost his starting QB position on the Titans again, after regaining it after losing it after regaining after losing it the first time. It’ a convenient excuse that Young is hurt, the decision was easy, but it was another tantrum that cost him again. His days in Tennessee are most likely done.

Now, the Titans, who appeared to be one of the AFC’s heavy-hitters, must rely on Rusty Smith, who is in his first season in the NFL, until Kerry Collins is healthy again. That doesn’t sound very promising.

In news regarding our “Beat the House” contest, for the first time in a month, the House was beaten, this time in convincing fashion. Three picks were contested in week 11, and all three did not fall as the House predicted. This means the House was beaten, and it also means some prizes will be awarded.

The stats in our contest are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 11: 10-6 9-7 13-3
2010 Overall: 91-69 94-66 98-62

There were quite a few good pick sets including four members who picked 14 correct and another 11 who picked 13 right. Among the 14-game winners this week is our current lone seat-holder at the top of the leaderboard, jtrubble… and is therefore our week 11 winner. We’ll be in touch.

In other dramas, we saw Big Ben Roethlisberger drop like a sack of potatoes when touched in the face by Richard Seymour during the contest between the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers. I guess Ben is too used to women not being able to put up a fight that he turns into one when a guy stands up to him. Did you leave your nuts in the locker room, Ben?

Be on the lookout for the week 12 picks and predictions which should be going live in a few short hours due to the three Thanksgiving Day games.