Free Week 12 NFL Expert Picks and Predictions: Thanksgiving Day Games!

Cletus has made his NFL week 12 “Beat the House” contest picks and predictions and they are awaiting your perusal on our contest entry page. If you want credit for the three Thanksgiving Day games, you MUST make your picks before kickoff of the New England Patriots – Detroit Lions game at 12:30pm EST. If you do not make that deadline, you can still get credit for the Sunday and Monday Night games.

First kickoff on Thursday is also the deadline to enter our AXE Hair Matthew Stafford autographed football giveaway. Simply guess the final score of the Pats-Lions Thanksgiving Day game and the closest guess wins the football!

In week 11, The House was beaten for the first time in November, so we are issuing prizes for the first time in close to a month. Cletus runs in hot and cold streaks with his picks, so he’ll probably stay cold for another few weeks… but you can’t win if you don’t play. Enter your week 12 picks now, along with your guesses for the Jagermeister Players of the Week at our Beat the House contest entry page.

As I mentioned, voting will stay open until kickoff on Sunday, but you will not qualify for any of the Thanksgiving games OR the Jagermeister player of the week contest unless your entry is in by first kickoff on Thanksgiving.

On behalf of myself and Cletus, I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Cletus has already headed home to start preparing his ‘possum stew for the family feast. Enjoy your food as well as your football!