Axl Rose Claims His Throne as the Biggest Douche in the History of Rock Music By Suing Guitar Hero

Axl Rose has pushed douchebagery to a new level. It was first reported that he would not allow fans into Gun’s and Roses shows wearing top hats or any type of Slash memorabilia. Now it looks like he is going after Activision the makers of Guitar Hero. The balding assbag is suing game publisher Activision for $20 million for including ex-GNR guitarist Slash in the 2007 release Guitar Hero.

It seems Axel Rose had an agreement with Activision the makers of Guitar Hero that Slash and his band Velvet Revolver would not be associated with “Welcome to the Jungle.” According to a legal complaint obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Axl is not happy that Activision did not stay true to this agreement.

There are a couple of things to note here. The game is called Guitar Hero not Egotistical Douchebag Singer. If Axl wanted Guns and Roses’ hit “Sweet Child O’ Mine” featured in the game he should have expected Activision to use the guitarist that made the song famous.

Buckethead or Bumblefoot would both be both cool to see in the game. Still if we asked either one of them I would imagine they both would say this is Slash’s gig.

Axl was further pissed off that “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was used to promote Guitar Hero III. Axl’s agreement with Activision was the song was for use in Guitar Hero II. Typicaly I would agree with Axl on this one but in this case I think he is nitpicking.

No one has heard from Slash yet on this issue, typically the true guitar hero distances himself from Axl’s tantrums. I find it strange that after all of these years Axl Rose still has so much anger and venom. Axl Rose claims his throne as the biggest douche in the history of rock music.

At the end of the day does it really matter anyway? Guns and Roses: Appetite for Destruction was one of “The Ten Most Overrated Albums In The History Of Rock” as reported here on this list.