Consumer Interest In Adult Beverages Is At An All-Time High

Consumers are finally returning to dining out as economic recovery slowly takes hold. This is welcome news to the beverage alcohol industry which has suffered over the past several years. According to data in the newly released Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook, consumer interest in adult beverages is at an all-time high, likely helped by most state’s repeal of the so-called post-Prohibition Blue Laws. While on-premise business has picked up in 2010 it is still not reaching the levels it once was prior to 2008. In fact, all three segments of the beverage alcohol markets showed declines in on-premise consumption and retail dollars over the past several years.

Against this backdrop, the on-premise segment still continues to evolve as consumer tastes change. According to the Cheers OnTrac Bar Manager’s Study, the Margarita continues to be the most popular mixed drink, but that is waning. Both the Margarita and Martini have declined in popularity due to the rise of one-of-a-kind signature drinks. The classic cocktail, such as the Gin & Tonic and the Cosmopolitan, are making a comeback.

Other trends mentioned by the bartenders in the September 2010 study are: Chardonnay continues as the best-selling varietal; however, the health benefits of red wine have bolstered the red wine market. Absolut has been the leading spirit call brand in the U.S., but lost that spot to Grey Goose this year. Finally, Corona is still the top-selling imported beer brand overall, with imported beers such as Guinness and Stella Artois not far behind.

The Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook, launched in 2003, remains the first and only annual statistical report for on-premise beverage alcohol trends. The handbook provides invaluable insight into beverage alcohol consumption and trends impacting the on-premise market. From sales and consumption information to consumer analysis and economic outlooks, the Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook can give you the tools to create the best drink menus and the most effective sales and promotion packages for your brands.