NFL Week 13 Recap: Brett Favre Goes Down Injured, Josh McDaniels is Fired

A day after their week 13 loss against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels Not only did McDaniels start his sophomore season off in Denver with a dreadful 3-9 record, but was recently caught, and punished, for videotaping a San Francisco 49ers practice before their game in London. He even threw former employer Bill Belichick under the bus by saying the practice video was more casual than what they used to do in New England, where assistants were coached on how to video tape the other team properly. It doesn’t appear that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is going to use that information against the Patriots and his good friends Robert Kraft.

The Broncos took the high road and announced the dismissal via Twitter. Yes, the players learned about their coach’s firing via Twitter and texts to each other. Stay classy, Denver.

Running backs coach Eric Studesville wil be the interim head coach for the final month of the 2010 season. McDaniels is the third head coach fired in the past month. He joins fellow former head coaches Wade Phillips and Brad Childress. I think there will be at least one more in-season firing this year. Stay tuned.

In other drama, Brett Favre barely kept his continuous game streak alive. This is shocking news since Brett Favre is hardly ever involved in any kind of drama. On the very first series of Sunday’s game against Buffalo, Favre hurt his shoulder and was knocked out of the game. The 297 consecutive starts streak was still in tact because technically he did start the game. Will he make it to 298? Grandpappy Brett says yes. We’ll see what his shoulder has to say come next Sunday at 1:00pm in Minnesota against the New York Giants. Since nobody in that organization, or the league, has the balls to say no to King Favre, we all know damn well he will play.

In related drama, our in-house NFL expert took a swift kick to the groin in our “Beat the House” contest. The House put too much stock in Favre blowing the game against Buffalo that it picked the Bills to win. Unfortunately, Favre went out early and Tavaris Jackson put in a pretty damn good relief effort. That pick as well as the pick of the Detroit Lions over the Chicago Bears doomed the House to another loss in this contest. The Lions made it a game, but couldn’t pull it out in the end.

Those two picks were disagreed with by the collective membership, and both went exactly as they predicted. Since the House was beaten

The total tally on the season is as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 13: 10-6 8-8 12-4
2010 Overall: 111-81 109-83 120-72

To give the House some credit, so we don’t have a pouty redneck around the office all week long, he did accurately call the Monday night contest a “woodshed” game and the Patriots would have their way with the New York Jets. Since it is the end of the third quarter right now, and I’ve calculated the week’s picks already as it is 31-3 with the Pats ready to score again, I’d say he was correct.

Make that 38-3.

Since the House was beaten, we will be awarding a Blu-ray or DVD prize pack and a Nerf Football to Red_Rabbit, who picked 14 games correctly. He actually tied member garyco, but the tiebreaker is overall wins on the season… and Red_Rabbit had one more correct pick. Damn this season is close in every aspect!

Be on the lookout for the week 14 picks and predictions which should be going live sometime early Wednesday. Be on the lookout for the results of the Jagermeister Players of the Week contest, which are usually revealed on Wednesday evenings.

45-3… and counting since that complete ass Belichick will not takehis foot off the gas.