Cher Wears Nipple Exposing See Through Shirt and Bra To Burlesque Premier in Spain

Cher is no stranger to sheer and revealing outfits. We just thought it was strange on the heels of the Burlesque co-star Christina Aguilera’s Leaked Photos, Cher shows up on the web in a nipple exposing shirt. As we said yesterday.

In a shocking coincidence, some racy cell phone pics surface of a celebrity at the same exact time they have something to promote. The latest victim is Christina Aguilera, whose “private” dressing room photo shoot was leaked coincidentally at the height of promotion of her new movie Burlesque.

Now at the preimire of the film in Spain Cher shows up with a see through shirt and bra with her nipples screaming. We can’t call this a nip slip…there is no accident here. As you can see in the pictures below Cher has no problem strutting out her 64 year old breasts…she shouldn’t they look great. Too bad we can’t say the same for her overworked mug.

So what is next for the two divas? They haven’t shocked us yet. We haven’t seen any nude shots there hasn’t been a sex tape released. Christina Aguilera was rumored to be in a threesome sextape with Lindsay Lohan earlier in the month. That rumor died down as soon as it started and really doesn’t seem realistic. Still it makes you wonder who all of a sudden is leaking all of these Christina Aguilera rumors and skin pics.

Though the past two days of Christina Aguilera and Cher shots have been titillating we haven’t seen the 16th minute for fame just yet. So while the past month or so has been about Christina Aguilera today belongs to Cher. Yestereday Christina Aguilera Leaked Racy Dressing Room Pics …today Cher’s Nipples. I guess the internet isn’t all that bad.