Free NFL Week 15 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest: Pre-Holiday Upsets Aplenty

The TMR Zoo NFL Week 15 “Beat the House” picks and predictions has been made by our expert and are available for your viewing pleasure. Remember, by clicking “agree” or “disagree” for each pick you have a chance to win some prizes should the House picks turn out to be garbage. You can also win a Jagermeister 6-Bottle Shot cooler should you pick the week 15 players of the week correctly. Enter Now!

This is as good of a week as any to steal some prizes from the House. Cletus has gone out on a limb with quite a few picks this may be the easiest week ever to “Beat the House”. You don’t have to go down the list very far to find some crazy picks. For one, Cletus has the Jacksonville Jaguars wrapping up the AFC North by sweeping the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a 5-point favorite at the time I am writing this, as the game in being played in Indianapolis. A loss would be a huge blow to the Colts’ playoff aspirations and guarantee a spot for the Jags.

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Cletus also has the 6-point underdog Detroit Lions traveling to Tampa Bay and beating the Buccaneers. For some reason, Cletus has picked the Lions to win more than lose this season in some sort of odd obsession with them. Unfortunately, he did not pick them last week when they upset the Green Bay Packers. That’s just the way the season has gone so far.

Not so much of a stretch is the prediction of the Carolina Panthers hosting, and beating, the Arizona Cardinals. Sure, the Panthers only have one win, but even Vegas is favoring them in this contest. Don’t get me wrong, both teams stink and have locked up a spot in their division’s basement already.

That’s enough small talk… head on over to our “Beat the House” picks and predictions page to enter your week 15 picks as well as who you think will be the players of the week to win some great prizes!