Tony Romo Gets Engaged But Will Never Marry Candice Crawford, Ex-Miss Missouri (Pics + Bikini Gallery)

The interwebs are abuzz about Tony Romo’s engagement to former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. First off the beauty queen jock thing has been so over done it is ridiculous. You probably have seen our coverage of Mrs Kyle Boller Carrie Prejean’s nipples here at Now another mediocre Quarterback gets engaged to another Miss America runner up.

The big difference between the Boller/Prejean romance and the Romo/Crawford romance is that Oakland Raiders Quarterback Kyle Boller pulled the trigger and married Carrie Prejean. Tony Romo will never make it to the church.

We are willing  to bet cold cash that Tony Romo will never walk down the aisle with Candice Crawford. Reason being Tony Romo doesn’t know how to finish anything… he chokes.

Think of all of the games Tony Romo brought down to the final ticks of the clock just to blow it. Think of the seasons he brought to the brink of a championship just to see the dream fade away. Tony Romo’s football career and romantic career seem to mirror each other. He dated Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, both of those relationships blew up in the final moments. Just like Romo’s past 5 NFL seasons.

Ironically the last time Tony Romo got down on one knee was January 6, 2007 when the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Qwest Field to play The Seatlle Seahawks in NFC wild card playoff round. We all know what happened there. Romo botched the hold for the kicker by dropping the snap. Romo then scrambled only to be tackled one yard shy of the endzone and one point shy of a championship run.

So here is a note to Candice Crawford. Don’t pick out your china pattern just jet. There is still plenty of time on the clock, more than enough time for Tony Romo to blow this. If Tony doesn’t blow this …how about a nip slip pic during the honeymoon for the boys at TMR?