Free NFL Week 15 Expert Picks and Predictions: Contest Update

One NFL game has already been played for the week 15 edition of games, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your own picks and predictions if you haven’t already. Our in-house football expert, Cletus, made some pretty risky picks this week and soe are being obviously disagreed with, while others are receiving some unexpected reactions. You can view his picks on our “Beat the House” contest entry page.

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The voting result that Cletus is most shocked by is how a big majority of readers DO NOT agree with the House pick of the New York Giants over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles won the first meeting of these two teams, mostly in part by an Eli Manning “extra-chromosome”-type mistake. This contest is being played in New York (New Jersey actually), and the Giants are still favored by 3. So why is voting falling so heavily towards the Eagles? Two words… Michael Vick. Vick fever is back as witnessed in the latest tally of Pro-Bowl voting. Vick leads not only all NFL quarterbacks in voting, but ALL players. The fact that the Eagles have played 4 prime time games in the past 5 weeks certainly helps spread the Vick virus.

Not to be overlooked in that game is the return of perennial Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel from a three game absence. Samuel has 7 interceptions in 9 games played this season, with 4 of them (57%) coming against quarterbacks who are related and share the last name is Manning. Think about that one.

Not surprising is the reaction whenever Cletus picks the Detroit Lions to win… and he’s done it way too often this season. This week, he has the Lions traveling to Florida and beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 90% of you think he’s crazy. Vegas has the Lions as a 5.5 point dog right now. The Bucs are certainly not as good as the record indicates and that sometimes has a way of working itself out in the NFL. Stay tuned.

Cletus also has the Jacksonville Jaguars wrapping up the AFC South and a playoff spot this weekend against the Colts in Indianapolis. Just over 80% of readers do not agree. The Colts, including their QB, have not looked like Colts teams of the past. The Jags could very well head into Indy and win this game. There is only one way to find out, but we can have fun guessing.

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