Mass Revolution A Pre-Workout for Enhanced Performance

tmrzoo-mens-healthPowerful results can be achieved with proper pre-workout performance enhancement. That’s why Muscle Sport Mass Revolution is designed to promote muscular pumps that lead to gains in performance. It’s designed to increase your time to exhaustion and support the oxygen needs of your muscles. Mass Revolution provides support to absorb, force, and squeeze more oxygen, more glycogen, more electrolytes, more carnosine, more nitrogen, more muscle building nutrients, and more creatine, into the muscle cell.

The Hollow Pump

Every day athletes take pre-workout formulas and other nitric oxide containing supplements in an effort to achieve better pumps during their strength training workouts. Since the achievement of a pump is thought to coincide with the conditions required to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, these products are expected to enhance the gains in muscle mass and performance normally expected from working out. At first glance, these supplements appear to succeed: Following consumption they often cause your muscles to volumize or swell to a greater extent as you proceed from one set to the next. Some products manage to produce this effect within as little as 30-60 minutes of the first serving. But all too often a closer examination reveals that something is missing as pre-workout users frequently report experiencing little or no increases in muscle size or strength after days, weeks or even months of consuming them. It’s as if any additional pump produced by these products is not a real pump, but rather a hollow pump lacking any real muscle building results or performance enhancement.

The Reason

It’s called the “Hollow Pump”, and many theories have been proposed to explain it. Perhaps the most popular among them is the idea that certain ingredients common to pre-training and other nitric oxide-containing formulas, including certain forms of creatine, cause water to be retained not only inside muscle cells (i.e. in the intracellular space, where it can promote anabolism), but also within the space between cells (i.e. the extracellular space). This presents a problem, since an excess of water and sodium retention in the extracellular space is associated with an anti-anabolic state, muscle atrophy and a loss of muscle definition and hardness -all of which is the very opposite of what an athlete needs and wants.

The other major problem with most pre-workouts is that they are loaded with stimulants like caffeine and geranium and not much else. Take the popular Jack3D which based off of its proprietary blend has a gram or less of each of its active ingredients. So the only ingredients that are in effective doses are stimulants. You have a situation where companies are putting doses of the active muscle building ingredients like creatine, arginine, beta alanine, etc. in doses too small to be effective.

The Pre-Workout Solution

The solution is simple but most companies won’t do it because it is much cheaper to load a product with stimulants rather than with the more expensive muscle building ingredients.

Mass Revolution is not the strongest product for producing a stimulant effect but it just may be the most effective performance pre-workout on the market. If you are looking for strength, size and improved athletic performance this is the product for you.

The reason Mass Revolution is so effective is very simple all you have to do is look at the label and you will find significant doses of each of the active muscle building ingredients. You get five grams of creatine, six of arginine, two of beta alanine, two of GPLC, one of Agmatine and the list goes on. Notice again how each of these doses are the effective doses of real strength building ingredients.