Megan Fox in Hawaii: Candid Bikini Beach Gallery (PICS)

Instead of enjoying the cold and snow of this holiday season, bombshell Megan Fox did the exact opposite… she took a vacation in sunny Hawaii. Looking for expert-crafted travel ideas & private vacation tour? Why not check out a site like for your best preferences!

Megan was joined by her (current) husband Brian Austin Green of 90210 fame, and his son. There were plenty of candid paparazzi shots taken of the happy couple, but I think we’ll focus on the ones that feature Megan in the tiniest of tiny polka-dot bikinis. Fox appears to be much thinner, and more tattooed, than when she first evolved into a mega-hottie as Mikaela in the Transformers movie. She appears a bit whiter too. No, I’m not complaining, and no, I’m not gay. You can judge for yourself in the gallery below. Enjoy these candid bikini pics. Click any image to open the full version:

As for the Transformers franchise, Megan reprised her role in the shitty sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, but was not included in the third installment, Dark of the Moon. English model, and Victoria’s Secret Girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be taking up the task of being Shia LaBeouf’s love interest. It is still unclear as to whether or not Fox left the role or was fired from it. She is quotes as saying that director Michael Bay was a nightmare to work for… although other cast and crew members have refuted this since. Megan is one of a million celebs currently being stalked on Facebook. You can be one of those obsessed fans that hang on her every word by following her fan page at You could be that lucky 20,000,000th fan! To check out all of our other babe galleries here at the Zoo, click the lovely patriotic bikini babe to the right, or just visit our babes section. We don’t leave anyone out with galleries featuring Howard Stern Babes, Candid Bikini Babes or celebrity nip slips.