Michelle Ryan Semi Nude and Bikini Photos (Gallery + Pics)

The past few days there has been a lot of interwebs chatter about alleged foot fetish videos of New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s wife Michele. The bizarre at best videos have been accompanied by a profile from a swingers dating site. While the videos are freakish the alt.com swinger profile for the couple tied to the videos is disturbing.

The profile lists the couples preferred activities as fisting, nipple torture and the profile goes on to say “I love womens feet and want to watch my wife take a big one in all 3 holes”.

Both The New York Jets and Rex Ryan have stated this is a personal mater and will not be commented on. What Rex doesn’t understand is this is the internet and if you put it out there it will be talked about.

Sadly being lost in all of this Rex Ryan’s wife Michelle Ryan talk is the fact there is a younger, hotter and more famous Michelle Ryan. We are talking about Michelle Clair Ryan the smoking English actress. You U.K. TMR members know her from Dr. Who, you US boys will recognize her from the short lived remake of The Bionic Woman.

Thou the British are known for their kinky dispositions there is no dirt out there on the English Michelle Ryan. No sex tape, no nude pics…we did find these topless pics but she has her back turned.

So who knows if there are more explicit or hotter video or photos out there of Rex Ryan’s Michelle only time will tell. For now please enjoy this gallery of the English Micelle Ryan. The lovely Michelle Clair Ryan.