Week 17 NFL “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions – Voting is Still Open

bthchick2The TMRzoo “Beat the House” Week 17 NFL picks and predictions are live and voting is still open. We didn’t have any silly Thursday Night game ruining the voting period this week so everyone still has a fair shot at winning some prizes up until the kickoff of the first game on Sunday. And this is it… the last week to win the full set of Nickent Golf Clubs and stand bag. Click below to enter:

Click here for the NFL week 17 picks and predictions

This is it for the 2009 edition of “Beat the House” but not the end of our football prizes. Tune in Monday, once we know the full playoff picture, and enter our TMR Zoo Playoff Pick’em contest and take your final shot at winning some great prizes! Voting will be open all through next week until kickoff of the first playoff contest.

In case you are just joining us for the first time in this final week…


Don’t know about “Beat the House”? Click here to see exactly what we’re giving away this week. As always, the full set of Nickent Golf clubs is up for grabs and was actually won in week 1.

Good Luck!

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