NFL Playoffs Picks and Predictions Contest: Wild Card Round 1

NFL logoYou’ve read, agreed and disagreed with our picks all season long, now it’s your turn to make your 2009/2010 NFL Playoff picks and predictions. What’s on the line? A DVD prize pack for each round and $100 in gift cards to either, iTunes or BP Gas… or any combination of the three in $25 denominations, for the grand prize winner.

To enter your picks, simply fill out the form below. Start with your Wildcard Weekend picks and move on up to the Superbowl, including your predicted combined score. All you have to do is pick the winners of each round, do not worry about who you think they will be playing.

Here’s the twist… you’re going to get to re-pick the rest of the playoffs after each round. After the playoffs are complete, we’ll calculate each of your three pick sets and award the highest point total for each round the DVD prize. Then we’ll add up all three of the entries for the entire playoffs and the entrant with the highest point total wins the $100. See below for how each game will be scored and how tie-breakers will be handled.


The point breakdown per correct pick is as follows:
Wild Card (First) round: 2 points
Divisional (Second) Round: 4 points
Conference Championships: 8 points
Superbowl: 16 points

Enter your picks in the form below. For a sample of the completed form, click here.


Total points for the Superbowl will be the first tie-breaker as entered on the form. The second tie-breaker will be at random. Registered members of the TMR Forums will be given an advantage in the second tie-breaker over non-members.

Please enter an accurate email address in the form. It is the only way we can get in touch with you if you win and we’ll also send a reminder to that address as voting opens after each round of games. We’ll post a status updates on the rounds in the TMR sports forum.

To assist you in your selections, here are the first round contests:

New York Jets (5) at Cincinnati Bengals (4)
Baltimore Ravens (6) at New England Patriots (3)
Green Bay Packers (5) at Arizona Cardinals (4)
Philadelphia Eagles (6) at Dallas Cowboys (3)

In the second round of the AFC playoffs, the lowest seed to emerge victorious in the first weekend will play the Indianapolis Colts, the higher seed will play the San Diego Chargers. The seeds are listed next to the team names above.

In the second round of the NFC playoffs, the lowest seed to emerge victorious in the first weekend will play the New Orleans Saints, the higher seed will play the Minnesota Vikings. The seeds are listed next to the team names above.

You’ll have to figure out the rest from there on your own. The rest of the contest rules are below. Good Luck!

Contest Rules:
Entering the giveaway is simple, completely fill out the form below including your name and email address.

This contest is open to all residents of the United States, and will close on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 4:30 pm EST. (Kickoff of the first playoff game)

You can only enter this contest once per person per email address. Multiple members of one household may enter with separate email addresses.

The winner will be notified via e-mail. Ties will be broken by selecting one winner at random from all winning entries. The winner MUST respond within 1 week of being notified or their prize will be given to the next runner-up. Upon award of the grand prize, the winner will be mailed $100 in gift cards. Multiple entries by any entrant will result in disqualification. The TMR Zoo will not be responsible for lost or missing mail. Good luck!!

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