The Seahawks Are Looking To Sign Pete Carroll

pete-carrollAs a New Englander I am laughing at the prospect of The Seahawks signing Pete Carroll. Carroll was a cheerleader as a coach in New England, not an old school motivator like Ditka or Parcells. His unenthusiastic and uninspired style of coaching belongs in the ranks of the colleges if not the high school level.

But alas it looks like he is returning to the big leagues. So many Sundays I would watch as plays would breakdown and Carol would have an “o gee whiz” or “o golly gee” reaction to the piss poor performance of The Patriots. No fire, no four letter words. The biggest goofiest cheerleader on the field would just go into “aw shucks mode”.

Toward the end of his career in New England the players had no respect for him. I remember his last game in New England. Bledsoe was ignoring Carroll as he called in plays from the side lines. Carroll’s reaction? More “o gee whiz” or “o golly gee”. Ditka or Parcells would have dragged Bledsoe off of the field buy his testicals.

This kind of coaching just wont work in the NFL. People do change after 10 or so years. I am sure if I noticed Pete Carroll’s flaws so didn’t Pete. Hopefully he worked on some of his character issues. If so I could be wrong, Carroll could come back into the league guns blazing and lead the Seahawks to a championship. It has happened before.

There was a piss poor Head Coach from Cleveland that returned to the Head Coaching role after a hiatus only to later win 3 Superbowls in four years. This coach is now referred to as a genius.

So I guess it can happen, Pete Carroll could be successful in Seattle. Still, I doubt it is going to happen. Maybe Pete could stop by Best Buy and pick up a couple of video cameras on his way to Seattle. That could be the key to a coaching comeback.