Ashley Dupre Braves the Howard Stern Show (Pics + Video)

Ashley Dupre (not Dupree), the beautiful young woman who was thrust into the limelight as the prostitute at the center of the scandal that took down former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer, appeared on the Howard Stern Show today. Dupre, who is trying to “re-brand” herself, is now a sex columnist and aspiring musician. Dupre appreared poised and comfortable as she sat down for an hour-long, candid in-depth interview on Stern’s SIRIUS XM Radio show this morning that is also taped for cable TV’s Howard TV On Demand channel.

Dupre was not thrown by Stern’s straight-forward, no-holds-barred questioning. The former New Jersey High School honor student and cheerleader revealed much about her childhood and the path that brought her to this unplanned notoriety. Coming from a strict but broken home, she rebelled, pushed boundaries, became promiscuous, and ultimately ran away from home by jumping out a window in the middle of the night. Dupre revealed personal information about the day the scandal broke saying “I was humiliated when everything happened. That was a secret part of my life.” Stern asked how she made the difficult revelation to her mother. She continued, “I called her to let her know I was in trouble. I didn’t even know who it was and she told me to turn on the TV and [Spitzer] was doing his speech.” Once the news of the scandal was out, Dupre’s life would never be the same.


Dupre talked about varied topics including dating other famous men in her personal life; her fantasy when she is not turned on by a man; about her friendship with Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Rachel Uchitel; and why she turned down a reported $2 million dollar offer to pose for Hustler.

The full interview can only be seen exclusively on the Howard TV On Demand service starting January 13, 2010. For more information visit HowardTV.

Here’s a few Ashley Dupre goodies for being such good readers and staying with this article until the end. Click on a thumbnail below to view the full-sized version:

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