Penelope Cruz Rocking a Bikini in Brazil

This isn’t fair. We are getting pounded with snow in the northeast and readers have been sending us beach pictures of celebrities all weekend. Bad enough I watch a great football game being played by the Jets and The Chargers in sunny southern California. Now in my inbox I find vacation pictures of Penelope Cruz rocking a bikini in Brazil.

Cruz has just finished shooting on Sex and the City 2 she will play a hot latino banker in the new release of the series. This chick is so sexy she even made the animated guinea pig in G Force seem hot. Now she is relaxing in the sun with boyfriend Javier Bardem. You know him,  he is the guy that everyone says what the hell is that hot chick doing with that dude.

Javier Bardem is that dude. So for now she is his I guess. But just in case she goes back into play again after the ruffies wear off; I want to show you single guys what you should be shooting for.