Howard Stern WILL NOT Appear on Conan O’Brien’s Final Tonight Show

howard_sternAfter taking the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday off, Howard Stern returned to his Sirius XM Satellite Radio show on Tuesday morning to confirm rumors that he was asked to appear on the Tonight Show during it’s final week as hosted by Conan O’Brian. Stern went into detail about his decision process, but finally responded in the negative.

Stern admitted he almost backed off of that decision after talking to former enemy Rosie O’Donnell. The pair share a common dislike, or even hate, for Jay Leno who Stern routinely accuses of stealing material, and staff, from the Stern Show. Rosie offered to appear on the Tonight Show with Stern and even arrange a private jet to fly the two out there. The appearance would undoubtedly be a Jay Leno bash session that Conan would instigate or most likely participate in.

If it did happen, who knows if the appearance would even make it onto the air since NBC would be included in the criticism and they ultimately hold the decision to airing it or not. They certainly have the option to censor it.

The episode would undoubtedly be historical in the ratings with people tuning to see the last Tonight Show starring Conan O’Brien but Howard Stern fan would watch en masse as they always do when the King of All Media hits the interview circuit.

Stern admitted his decision to not be on the show was mainly due to the fact that he does not want to fly to California. At this point it is probably too late to get him on there, even if he changes his mind. We’ll have to settle for the Jay Leno bashing being limited to the radio… for now.