Lucy Lawless Bares All In Her New Series Spartacus

LucyLawless-2Lucy Lawless’ new TV series Spartacus is drawing quite a bit of fire. Why? It beats me there is nothing new here. Actually the new original series from STARZ Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a clone of HBO’s canceled series Rome. The violence, the sex it has all been done before.

The key here is STARZ is a paid cable channel. If you don’t like the show you don’t have to watch it. You don’t even have to subscribe to STARZ. My advice is to give the show a chance.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is one of the most favorably reviewed TV series in a long time. The show has its share of sex and violence but it all flows and fits within the story line. This isn’t softcore entertainment from the Playboy channel. Spartacus is a view into the politics and social fabric of a blood drenched era.

I would be more concerned if the show didn’t have the sex and violence. It would be like doing a bio pic on The Rat Pack and having them drink lemonade. If you are going to tell the story, tell the story.

What I think troubles people is Lucy Lawless is nude in the series. These are the same people that bought their daughters Zena Warrior Princess dolls, posters, DVD and the whole Zena package. They shudder at the thought of Zena having sex.

Get over it Lucy Lawless is an actress not a character. Only Lucy Lawless can decide what she wants to do with that persona. If that includes Lucy Lawless getting naked and doing sex scenes, more power to her.