Superbowl XLIV – Thugs, Rednecks and Sex Offenders

PeteTownshendThe Superbowl is rolling back through town and once again I really don’t care much about the game. Watching Payton Manning win a second championship is a non moment for me. The Saints fell out of favor last week with me due to their thuggish play.

Some of the hits The Saints put on Brett Favre were beyond dirty, they could be called criminal. The low hit to his legs was inexcusable. That could have been a career ending injury. In all actuality it just might be.

No matter how hard Roger Goodell tries to clean up the game of football it just seems to get dirtier. Let’s look at this year’s halftime show as an example.

The NFL picked The Who this year for the halftime festivies. The Who is safer than Janet Jackson’s nipple or Prince’s phallic guitar antics, right?

Nope, it looks like the NFL entertainment committee screwed up again. First off what does a British rock band have to do with American Football? I don’t get the connection. In selecting a family friendly band for half time they decide to go with a band with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. Who made that call?

How deep is drugs and alcohol imbedded into the culture of this band? The Who’s original drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 from an overdose of sedatives prescribed to wean him off of alcohol. Fast forward to 2002 and founding member and Who bassist John Entwistle dies of heart attack induced by an undetermined amount of cocaine.

Adding to the family values theme of The Who Entwistle was found dead in the morning after the coke binge by the stripper he had picked up the night before. Not to be done in the arena of sexual deviance here comes our boy “Pete” Townshend.PeteTownshend Sex Offender Advisory

Pete is the author of most of the songs in The Who’s catalog. These songs include the pornography anthem “Pictures of Lily. You know the song about the Dad giving his son pornography so he could rub one out at night.

Pictures of Lily made my life so wonderful
Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night
Pitcures of Lily solved my childhood problems
Pictures of Lily helped me feel alright

Most disturbing is child sexual abuse tune “Fiddling About” from the rock opera Tommy. Down with the bedclothes, Up with the nightshirt! I am starting to see a theme here.

Let’s add Tough Boys, I’m a Boy and countless other songs that make the average person cringe at the lyrics to my list. It is no surprise that in 2003 Pete was busted accessing a child porn website. He later admitted he had used a credit card to access a website advertising child pornography.

Pete claimed he was doing research on child porn when he accessed the site. First off when did Pete Townshend become a sociology researcher? Secondly if a person was researching bank robbery or any other nefarious or criminal activity they would not commit the crime to research it. If you did that you would go to jail, unless you are a world famous rock star.

So I won’t get fooled again for Superbowl 44. I go into this game with low expectations. Hopefully in-between the cheap shots by The Saints defense, references to the redneck Manning family being football royalty and performances by registered sex offenders I might see some cool commercials.

Yes this year I am not picking either team, yes I am picking the commercials.