Super Bowl XLIV Saints vs. Colts Tickets and Hotel Package Available at Face Value!

XLIVtixAfter a full week straight of arguing day and night with my wife, I am no longer available to attend Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. I have already purchased a pair of lower level tickets and have a reservation at a nearby hotel for both Saturday and Sunday night. The combination package can be had at face value or for the best offer I receive by Wednesday.

There comes a time when a man needs to decide which comes first… his family or sports. My wife did not have any objection with me purchasing tickets for, and attending the NFC Championship game in New Orleans between the Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. Hell, I even took her with me. For some reason, she is passionately objecting to me attending the Super Bowl.

I was given the ultimatum, and I’m sure I’ll catch hell from most of you for it, but I chose my wife. I don’t have a picture from the exact seat location for the Superbowl tickets, but I am told there will be an almost identical view as the seats we have for the NFC Championship Game. The picture below is from our seats at the Louisiana Superdome, if it helps out your decision any…


Please message me as soon as possible if you are interested.