TMR Zoo 2010 NFL Playoff Contests – We Have Our Winners

xlivSuper Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints has come and gone. The Saints were crowned champions and they partied on Bourbon Street, then finally had their parade. Now it’s time to crown our 2010 NFL Playoff Contest winners.

As you recall, we accepted entries for each round of the playoffs… three rounds total, with the intent to award a winner for the highest scorer in each round, then the grand prize going to the highest combined score for all three rounds. Up for grabs was a DVD prize pack for the leader of each round, then $100 in any combination of, BP gas or iTunes gift cards.


We have four prizes to award, but they are only going to two contestants. The winners of each round are as follows:

Round 1: Barracuda Ron
Round 2: Barracuda Ron
Round 3: Paulie W.

Grand Prize: Paulie W.

Ron almost went perfect in the first two rounds, and was the only member to pick the entire second round perfectly. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Round 3 entry for Ron, so he missed out on those final points. Right behind him the whole way was Paulie W. (Walnuts?) and he DID enter picks for the final round and he nailed it right down to the exact total score prediction. (48)

I’m impressed with both contestants here, some incredible playoff picking, especially with a wild card like the Jets throwing a wrench into the playoff scheme. Hopefully both of you rejoin us next year and throw your hat in the ring for our football contests next season.

That will wrap up our NFL contests for the 2009/2010 season. I hope you all have enjoyed playing.