Snookie Has A Leaked Sex Tape And Pics Reportedly On The Way

snookie nakedIt doesn’t happen very often but every once in a while a celebrity appears nude and we at TMR would rather not see the damage. I think the last time this happened it was the Kathy Bates nude scene in About Schmidt.

That scene until now has caused more eye bleach to be administered than any other sight in history. That is until now. In this day in age of camera phones, Myspace, Facebook and all other light speed digital media it was only a matter of time before we saw Nicole Polizzi naked.


It is reported that Jersey Shore’s Nicole Polizzi better known as Snookie has a leaked sex tape and pics on the way. It seems that someone is shopping self shot photos of a nekkid Snooki. It is also reported her signature nail polish is visible in the shots. As interesting as that may be the scary thing is her face could possibly be in the pictures also.

A nip slip or oops photo of Snookie would be bad enough. We do not need pictures and videos of her doing who knows what to herself.

At the time of this post it is still a rumor though just the thought of the troll-like Snookie having sex is probably launching breakfasts nationwide this Sunday morning. I know I threw up a bit in my mouth.

So if the pictures surface will we post them? I would guess so, look at the name of our site TMRzoo – Men’s Entertainment Devolved. This horror show does fit our bill. Still if they do end up in our hands we will not call them “scandal” photos. One look at Nicole Polizzi and you know this isn’t a scandal this is just a dirty Jersey girl.

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