The Babes of ‘Bitch Slap’: Julia Voth, Erin Cummings and America Olivo

bitchslap-mainYou’ll have to wait until the March 2nd DVD release date to see them in full force, but here is some “free candy” to keep you busy until then. The strong and sexy girls of Bitch Slap are Julia Voth (Trixie), Erin Cummings (Hel) and America Olivo (Camero).

Bloody, ass-kicking, scantily-clad hot chicks… yeah, you’ve come to the right site.

Movie Synopsis:
At its core, “Bitch Slap” follows three bad girls (a down-and-out stripper, a drug-running killer and a corporate powerbroker) as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort massive booty from a ruthless underworld kingpin. Things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change, truths are revealed, other criminals arrive for the score, the fate of the world hangs in the balance and they are forced to confront a villain much worse than they ever expected… themselves. It’s the ultimate morality tale as, one by one, they realize the whole “she-bang” was a set-up and one of the film’s characters may not even be human…

Here are some of our favorite shots of the three hotties, both in and out of character:

First Row: Julia Voth – “Trixie”
Second Row: Erin Cummings – “Hel”
Third Row: America Olivo – “Camero”
Fourth Row: Movie images

Click the thumbnail for the full-sized image…

And here is the movie trailer, featuring some highlights of the girls’ “talents”…

For more information on Bitch Slap, visit the official movie site.